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Meet the team!

Welcome to Fertile Ground Health: Fertility Awareness and Reproductive Health Coaching! We are so excited to have you!

  • Marisa Boris graduated from the University of Indianapolis with  Bachelors degree in Nursing. Ms. Boris went on to get her certification in FEMM a year later.  She have worked in Pediatrics, Family Medicine and is now in the NICU full time. 
  • Marisa has a passion for women and babies and believes one of the main areas of medicine that is lacking is women's health.
  • Throughout her training she has learned extensively how to manage abnormal fertility charts using NaPro technology and nutrition. So many women think their hormone issues are "normal" including PMS and cramps. Ladies, this is not normal, this is your body trying to tell you its deficient.  

Marisa loves working with women of all ages, but loves working with post birth control women and teenagers most of all. Whether you're trying to conceive, avoiding pregnancy or trying to manage sucky/miserable periods, she's here to help you. 

Let her help you in the ride to finding freedom with your fertility.