What We Offer

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We offer 2 forms of Fertility Awareness methods called The Creighton Model System  and FEMM.  The purpose of a Fertility Awareness Based Method is to give you the knowledge to know what your body is doing and when it's doing it. These methods teach you how to recognize when you're ovulating and make sure your period is healthy.  Any woman can learn! From teens to women in menopause. We can help you manage PCOS, Endometriosis, heavy/painful periods, infertility and many other reproductive health concerns. Knowledge is empowerment!

Creighton Model FertilityCare System

CrMS is a standardized approach to charting a woman's biomarkers, thus educating them to se the system to know when they are fertile or infertile. 

CrMS medical management is NaPro technology which is Natural Procreative Technology. 

This Methods involves an Intro session with 8 follow ups scattered throughout the year.  


FEMM (Fertility  Education and Medical Management) is a researched based approach that educates women on how to identify there hormone shifts using biomarkers and LH strip testing. 

FEMM involves 3 hour long sessions about a month apart, in addition to by weekly email checks in from us to see how charting is going.